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Immunity is a mechanism similar to a specially trained army that responds lightning fast to pathogenic microorganisms. And while the army that protects us, i.e. immune cells are constantly renewing, we need to help it.

Our products are a quality aid to your immunity. Medical triumph in the face of a virus attack.


A woman’s full-fledged life is inseparable from sexual health.
Our uniquely formulated products are certified with a signature of quality, recommended by gynecologists and reflects the triumphant performance of medical science.
Because peace, security and inner balance of a woman are important to us.


We are offering help with solution for the skin challenges. Carefully selected products that are tested by dermatologists, safe and inspiring flawless changes.


Hippocrates, the father of medical sciences, noted, „All human diseases began in the gut.” In collaboration with medical professionals from Switzerland and other countries, we have found an innovative and effective solution to digestive system disorders.

Wound healing

Wound healing is an extremely complex and sensitive process. Advanced and medically safe measures are needed for wound healing to be smooth and effective. Our carefully selected products ensure faster healing process, moisturizing and protective properties.

Female intimate hygiene

Impeccable intimate hygiene for a woman begins with daily choices. A woman’s well-being and responsibility to nature are the two most important goals we set for these products. Comfort, naturalness, guaranteed safety and a feeling of tenderness really exist in those days.

Nasal hygiene

The nose performs an important function – air filtration. It blocks up to 90 percent. bacteria. However, viruses remain in the nasopharynx during respiration.
Studies show that nasal irrigation with Himalayan salt nasal spray relieves the symptoms of viral diseases, colds and allergies. Thus, regular nasal wash can eliminate the virus and prevent them from entering the lungs.

Insect repellent

Due to our close and professional dialogue with the French laboratory “Oasis”, we can offer a wide range of insect repellents.
MoustiCare is an effective protection from nature against mosquitoes and ticks. These plant-based repellents do not contain hazardous chemicals, alcohol.

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