Here we create value

In 2012 Ltd “Genba Pharma” has taken the first steps towards pharmaceutical horizons. With each passing year, we strengthen our positions. The belief that the input and efforts of daily work will bear fruits opens up vast opportunities for us. Now our mastery is reflected in such areas as: gastroenterology, gynecology, dermatology, female intimate hygiene, nasal hygiene, immunity, wound healing.

We focus on professionalism and specialize on wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical and hygiene products, and pharmaceutical marketing.

Our successful partnership with medical institutions, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesale distribution and retail chains is based on mutual trust. Our philosophy is care and love for a human being.

Our mission

Continuous improvement together with our Clients, Partners, Colleagues.

Our vision

We aim to become a key Partner for our Client in all areas of our activities and markets.

Our values

  • Human respect
  • Outstanding professionalism
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Bold innovation

Our products are trusted and appreciated by

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Female personalities the strength of our team

A modern woman is not only a combination of expressive creativity, special prudence, but also natural courage and determination. Such personalities are also found in our business environment.

Ltd “Genba Pharma” is not just a company, it is a community of women where inspiration, openness to innovation, sustainability and trust in the environment are not directed. Every day our eyes shine because the sharp mind is hungry. We are strong and alive with inspiration and diligence. And yes, we are declaring in unison to the environment that we are a strong team!

dr. Vilma Žiaukienė dr. Vilma Žiaukienė
dr. Vilma Žiaukienė