Black bracelet against mosquitoes, ticks and other stinging insects MOUSTICARE, 1 pc.


Comfortable and stylish insect repellent.


  • Effectively protects against mosquitoes, ticks, other stinging insects
  • Reusable, works for up to 30 days
  • Size is conveniently adjustable, length 32cm
  • Contains geraniol extracted from fragrant lemongrass
  • Efficacy and tolerability have been validated by independent laboratories
  • Safe: there is no direct contact of the active substance with the skin
  • Dual use: suitable for both arm and leg
  • Since 2006 MoustiCare is used in endemic areas such as South America, Africa




MoustiCare® Bracelet contains a 100% natural repellent (Géraniol), which efficiently keeps away mosquitoes and other biting insects for a protection up to 1 month. For outdoor activities (trekking, picnic, fishing, shoot, sports, camping…), at home, at office, during a travel over tropical areas. The effectiveness and the tolerance of this repellent have been tested by independent european laboratories. No hazardous substance, no DEET. For the whole family : adults, pregnant women and children over 30 months. Adjustable bracelet. For an optimal protection in tropical areas, use MoustiCare® Bracelet with MoustiCare® Infested areas Skin Spray and MoustiCare® Clothes Spray.

How to use

  • For an optimal protection over the body, wear 2 bracelets : one around the wrist and one around the opposite ankle. Cut off the excess if necessary.
  • Do not tighten the bracelet.
  • Take it off for baths.
  • Do not sleep with bracelets.
  • Could be hung on a bag, a stroller, a parasol, near the bed head.
  • After use, replace the bracelet in the origin bag.


May cause light flushing or stinging reactions. They are temporary and linked to the activity of the product. If the reactions are intense, please stop using it. Do not sleep with the bracelet. Avoid contact with eyes and mucosa. Do not use if allergic reaction with one of the components.