Himalayan salt isotonic nasal spray for allergies RHINOLAYA PROTECT, 50 ml


Isotonic nasal spray for nasal hygiene in case of allergies.


  • Useful in the presence of damaged nasal mucosa from pollen, animal hair, dust mites, dust or polluted air
  • Effectively moisturizes dehydrated, itchy and irritated nasal mucosa
  • Perfectly cleanses the nasal cavities from allergens
  • It is recommended to use before taking anti-allergic drugs or at bedtime
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Rich in composition, full of minerals
  • For the whole family: babies from 1 month, children, adults
  • A special spray mechanism ensures tightness and protects the spray from environmental contamination
  • Suitable during pregnancy and lactation


With manganese
With sabadila
84 trace elements
Convenient use

Ingredients we value

0.9% Himalayan salt

absolutely clean, excavated from a depth of 500 m, protected from environmental pollution, excavated only by hand, without destroying the physical structure of the crystals – no need to sterilize and dry clean during production


affects the mucous membranes of the nose and tear glands; useful in case of allergic rhinitis, sneezing; redness and tearing of the eyes; abundant, watery nasal discharge


trace element that helps protect the body from allergies, activates cellular immunity, naturally improves the passage of the nasal passages


has a strong antimicrobial effect due to the presence of phytoncides

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Išgrynintas vanduo izotonizuotas Himalajų druska, valgomasis svogūnas, vaistinė sabadilė, mangano gliukonatas.