Himalayan salt isotonic nasal spray for children RHINOLAYA KIDS, 50 ml


Isotonic nasal spray for baby’s nose care, hydration and cleansing.


  • Suitable not only for daily hygiene, but also for runny nose, stuffy nose, rhinitis, cold or flu
  • Gently washes away allergens and viruses from the nasal mucosa
  • Effectively liquefies dried secretion in the nasal cavity
  • Reduces nasal irritation and dryness
  • Protects the child’s respiratory tract from infections
  • Gentle microdroplets do not frighten the baby
  • Special spray mechanism ensures tightness and protects the spray from environmental contamination
  • Suitable for babies from 1 month and children


Gentle microdroplets
84 trace elements
Protects from infections
Rich composition

Ingredients we value

0.9% Himalayan salt

absolutely clean, excavated from a depth of 500 m, protected from environmental pollution, excavated only by hand, without destroying the physical structure of the crystals – no need to sterilize and dry clean during production

Copper gluconate

antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory: protects the nasal mucosa from viruses and bacteria, protects cells from oxidative damage

Iron phosphate

acts as a decongestant, reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa


directly affects the nasal mucosa and bronchi due to antibacterial properties, disinfects, has a sedative effect


Mucus congestion and desiccation of the upper respiratory tract frequently cause breathing problems in children and adults. In babies and toddlers who cannot blow their own nose, mucus remaining in the nasal cavities can impair breathing considerably. Isotonic salt solutions prevent the nasal mucous membranes from drying out, soften and liquefy clinging mucus. Rhinolaya spray contains Himalaya
salt, an ancient sea salt from the Himalayan mountains, where it is stored for millions of years protected from environmental contamination. It is gathered by hand, washed and then dried. Because it is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements, it is very healthy and represents the original form of natural salt. To enhance its beneficial action and to be suitable for noses weakened by cold and
humidity, Rhinolaya contains an extract of Chamomilla, iron and copper.


  • gently cleans and cares the nasal cavities, 
  • moistens the encrusted nasal mucous membranes (air conditioning, heat, etc.), 
  • relieves irritation of sensitive nasal mucous membranes (pollen, house dust, etc.), 
  • favours trace element absorption, 
  • is suitable for noses weakened by cold and humidity. 

Instructions for use

Spray into the nostrils 2-4 times daily as required. Tilt your head forward. Introduce the spray head into the nostril (not too deep) and press on the spray head briefly in order to dispense a sufficient amount of Rhinolaya. The spray head can be used in any position. Blow your nose if required.
It is recommended to clean the spray head nosepiece with a cloth after each use. For hygienic reasons, one Rhinolaya spray should not be used by several persons.
Consult a doctor or pharmacist if you experience prolonged or frequently recurring irritation or encrustation of the nasal mucous membranes.

Undesirable effects

  • No side effects have been observed so far when used as instructed.
  • Do not use the product if you have known hypersensitivity to one or more of the ingredients of Rhinolaya.


  • Rhinolaya is suitable for everybody (including babies).
  • Rhinolaya may be used during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Rhinolaya may be used for extended periods of time without concern.

Precautions to be taken

  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • The container is pressurised (environmentally neutral and harmless atmospheric nitrogen). Protect from direct exposure to sunlight or temperatures over 50°C.
  • Do not open forcibly or burn after use.
  • The product must not be used beyond the date shown on the container after .
  • Store below 25 °C.


Highly purified water rendered isotonic with Himalaya salt, organic Matricaria chamomilla, Iron phosphate, Copper gluconate.