Ovules for vaginal infection CLOGIN ELLE, 10 pcs.


For the prevention and treatment of bacterial vaginal infections.


  • In case of vaginal itching, redness, irritation
  • Promotes physiological recovery of the vaginal epithelium
  • Improves the atrophic condition of the vaginal epithelium
  • Restores vaginal mucosa moisture
  • Suitable for both before and after gynecological operations


10 mg hyaluronic acid
With bromelain
With chlorhexidine
Clinically proven performance

Active substances

Hyaluronic acid

protects and moisturizes the vaginal mucosa, contributes to tissue healing and regeneration

Chlorhexidine dihydrochloride 10 mg

has antimicrobial antibacterial, disinfectant properties, protects against bacterial vaginosis, has

Vitamin E

improves mucosal epithelial recovery


an enzyme extracted from pineapple stalks that has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling as well as reduces intrusive vaginal and external genital irritation


Clogin elle  is a medical device useful as an adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of vaginal diseases to character inflammatoryinfectious and dystrophicIt is recommended in cases of rednessitchingburning with signs of mycosis and vaginitishyaluronic acid, with mucoadhesive propertiescarries out a hydrating and protective action of the vaginal mucosa 


One vaginal ovule of 2 g containshyaluronic acid sodium saltVitamin E, Bromelainchlorhexidine dihydrochloride, Semi-synthetic Glycerides.


– Adjuvant treatment in pre and post gynecological surgery. 

– Prevention of the diseases recurring character of the vaginal mucosa in inflammatory, dystrophic and infectious.  

– Useful to help restore normal hydration of the vaginal mucosa. 

– Useful in case of itching, redness, and irritation caused by diseases of various types. 

How to use and instructions for use

Read carefully the instructions on the package leaflet


The product is only for vaginal use. Do not ingest. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to any component or incompatibility to any components of the productKnown or suspected pregnancybreast-feeding and in the case of local drug therapies the use of vaginal ovules should be only on the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. The product is not intended for pediatric use. Keep this product out of the sight and reach of children. The use, especially if prolonged, can give rise to sensitization phenomenaif this happens stop the treatment and contact your doctor or pharmacistDo not use the product if the package is damaged or not intact. Do not use after the expiration date printed on the package.  

Storage condictions

Store tightly closed in a dry placeprotected from light and heat sources (T +5°C/+30°C). Do not use the product if the package does not appear intact