GERDOFF for heartburn, 20 tab.


Quickly relieves symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, such as: heartburn, bile reflux, epigastric pain, atrium, irritable cough, and dysphonia (hoarseness).


  • It works in both: stomach and esophagus
  • Protects and heals the esophageal mucosa
  • Eliminates symptoms quickly but works for a long time
  • For patients who have already tried everything and nothing helps
  • Long-term effects
  • Designed, patented, made in Switzerland


Unique and innovative active ingredients

Chondroitin sulfate
Hyaluronic acid
Aluminum hydroxide

Three components with different mechanisms of action

Chondroitin sulfate

adheres to the esophagus, gastric mucosa and protects it by isolating it from the effects of gastric juice

Hyaluronic acid

helps to protect and restore the damaged gastric mucosa

Aluminum hydroxide

reduces the effect of gastric juice on the damaged mucosa


GerdOFF is a medical device with a mechanical action that is indicated for:
• Symptomatic treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Rapidly reduces associated symptoms, such as: Heartburn (pyrosis), acid regurgitation, epigastric pain, irritating cough and dysphonia.
• In the symptomatic treatment of hyperacidity (occasional pain and burning in the stomach).

GerdOFF is an original and innovative combination of chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and aluminium hydroxide. GERDOFF®protects against the irritating action of hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach.
• Chewable tablets are initially dissolved in the mouth, stimulating salivation and giving better contact between the ingredients and the esophageal wall, which increases protection and lubrication.
• Chondroitin sulfate adheres to the gastroesophageal mucosa, protecting it by insulating against attack from gastric juices.
• Hyaluronic acid, combined with the adhesive properties of chondroitin sulfate, helps protect and repair damaged gastric tissue.
• Aluminium hydroxide acts as an antacid, reducing the impact of gastric juices on the damaged mucosa.


Chondroitin sulfate sodium salt, sucrose, aluminium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, anticaking agents: mono-, di-, and triglycerides of fatty acids, silicon dioxide, high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate; fragrance; sweetener: ammonium glycyrrhizinate.

Doses and directions for use

Doses: Adults and children over 12 years: 1-2 tablets after main meals and before going to bed, or as needed in the event of symptoms such as stomach pain and burning, in accordance with medical advice.
Directions for use: Start by dissolving the tablets in the mouth and then chew them. Water or milk may be taken after ingestion.

Undesirable effects

Prolonged use of the product may cause constipation due to the astringent action of the aluminium.


Kidney failure. Hypophosphatemia. Known hypersentsitivity to one of the ingredients.

Pregnancy and breast feeding

There are no specific restrictions on use during pregnancy or breast feeding. However, it is advised not to use the product without consulting a doctor first.